Welcome to Ladies of the Heart

Come stroll with the Ladies in the Garden. It is a peaceful place, and a rather romantic one, too. It’s a place to share laughter and wisdom, and maybe even learn a lesson or two. The Ladies are a power to reckon with, and a wonderful grouping to network, connect, chat, laugh and share with!

This garden is filled with the talents of many that wish to work together to make the Internet and their communities a place that is safe and fun. It is a place to find answers if one has a question, for there are many wise Ladies here to talk to about “whatever” may be on your mind.

It is a place to make new friends, become involved with others online and in real life. It is a place where we encourage you to reach your full potential as a wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister and a woman. It is a place where every member is actively involved in our organization helping others to reach for the stars.

We are an International group of Ladies. We come from every walk of life, represent many different religions and creeds, and can share from our many “life experiences”. From this diversity that we all celebrate with open hearts, we are doing our best to create a loving place on the Internet, our hometown communities and across the globe, and we welcome you to enjoy our organization with us.

Please read the Open Letter to all “Ladies of the Heart”, The LOTH Creed and the The LOTH Charter and see if maybe you, too, would like to become a “Lady of the Heart”.

I am proud to be a LOTH sister, and my pledge is to “be there”, and offer my love and support to anyone who might pass my way.

We hope you enjoy your visit at Ladies of the Heart!

love & brightest of blessings to all,